DL151 websites

Learning HTML5 and CSS3, students created websites for their topics. While some may be advertising real or presumed businesses or products, the sites themselves are for academic purposes only.

Influences on Wine Pairing: My website is based on research I did while I was at FLCC on the topic of external influences on wine pairing.

My website is a Fortnite for Beginners site. Contained in the website is why you should love Fortnite, where the best places are to go on the map, what the coolest skins to wear are and some tips to win. My website is pretty simplistic but filled with lots of good and valuable info to help players who are new to Fortnite.

This is a website that is based on my health and fitness journey.

This is my website about Organic foods. It contains the definition of organic foods, some simple recipes, and cooking videos. Please feel free to take a look and find a healthier way of cooking for a better life. Thank You!

This website will introduce to you Pebble Arts. It not only has different categories that you can look at, but also has the tutorial to help people make pebble art picture by themselves. I make this website because I love arts and I want to share my hobby with everyone. If you visit my website, you can see how beautiful it is :)). If you want to help, please feel free to contact me. Thank you so much.

My website is about relationships,specifically on communication, sexuality, friendship and conflict. There are many in-site links for alternative websites and there are also videos on love languages and attachment. I also made sure to put in resources when a relationship is not going the best, so that if someone needs them they have them. Much of the information I got was form a book called Intimate relationships by Miller and that is cited at the bottom of each page. I enjoyed making this because I really enjoy the close relationships class that I am taking, where I was first introduced to the text I used for this!

'Black Girl Magic-The Secrets of Black Hair' is a website that is catered towards the black natural community, and those who wish to learn more about natural black hair. Within my website I provide information on how to care for black hair with the proper maintenance and also information about styling curls. My website is one that I believe will benefit people who have hair like me, and will encourage them to embrace their natural curls.

My website is all about close relationships based off Dr.Koberstein's class. My website covers the basic ideas of love, conflict, and communication. It shows the communication styles, what conflict looks like and how conflict ends. It also shows the different types of love and talks about love languages.

My website provides plans and nutrition that help you to lose weight effectively and stay positive. There is a 30-day plan that you can follow to get fit.

This is the website for cat lover. There are information an how to train your cat, how to interpret their behavior, their most funny momments.

The website's name is VIETNAM PLACES. It is a travel guide website which provides suggestions for those who want to travel to Vietnam. I work on this because I think Vietnam could be a wonderful place but lots of people still haven't know about it yet. So, I hope by doing the project, I can raise tourists and travelers' awareness about my hometown country's beauties.

My website was designed to be simple, so my audience can clearly tell what Keuka eSports is all about. Hopefully I can implement this website to attach it to Keuka's athletics webpage.

My website was called "You, Me and Social Media" and was about the impact of social media on body image. I discussed how media has changed from the past to the present, the impact of media on people such on things such as eating disorders, and the differences of impacts between boys and girls.

English Language Learners in the Classroom: This website is a resource for current and future teachers who have English Language Learners in their classrooms. This site has information, activities, and resources on it to help teachers make their students more successful.

My website is about my field period from last summer. I described different parts of the trip that I thought was most important and I shared photos from the trip. It was a great field period and having a website about it is very exciting although it took a lot of time to get things to work right.