DL151 websites from Spring 2017

Be Their Voice is an informative website on the issue of police brutality.

People are always going to think everything they read online is considered true. Everything is not always true online.

Signburger is about good food, and a friendly atmosphere that is inclusive.

In this website, you will learn where Vietnam is located, including pictures of popular tourist locations that you might feel interesting.

This is an online newspaper providing information about aspects of life such as: policies, society, economy... for citizens in wide range of age, especially teenagers.

This is the website about veterans. This is a data base for veterans to find services that are available to help best as possible to enter civilian life.

Learn more information about Rocket League!

Emotional support can be any kind of animal, and the service dog has to be able to do tasks the owner is unable to do by him or herself.

My website is about the local animal shelter, and all that it has to offer.

This is an informative website about dinosaurs!

Sushi it is art for the eyes and blissfulness for the mouth. It is a food that you will always crave. My website will further explore the background, myths, types and how to roll sushi.

The business of legal marijuana

The website that I have created is all about inclusive education and how beneficial it is to students.

I chose this topic because I have been bullied before so I wanted to create a website where you can see true stories and learn about what types of bullying children endure.

A tenative hip hop journal in which the most influential music is included and shared for others to become aware of and enjoy.

This website provides information for reporting, identifying the types, effects, and the consequences of Cyber-crime.