New Generation's Foods

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What Is Organic Food and Why Should We Eat It

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Organic doesn’t just mean a return to traditional farming. Biology has contributed precise methods of non-toxic pest & disease control. Farm machinery allows organic farming on a large scale to meet the growing demand for organic food.Organic Food is healthier: chances are very good that organic food, on the whole, is more nutritious than chemically grown food. It’s certainly not true that adding chemical fertilizer to soil produces a product equal to organically grown, any more than it s true that living on vitamin pills makes you healthier than someone who doesn’t take them. Whether or not your organic apple has more potassium than it’s non-organic brother, it doesn’t have the same load of poisons.

Myths about organic food

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Peter Laufer, a journalism professor at the University of Oregon, is the author of “Organic: A Journalist’s Quest to Discover the Truth Behind Food Labeling.” Concern about the safety and value of the food we eat is motivating more and more shoppers to fill their grocery carts with food labeled “organic.” According to USDA statistics, annual spending on organic food and drinks has jumped from about $1 billion to $28 billion in the past 20 years. But how is organic defined, and is it always the healthiest choice?