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Since the beginning of time, black hair has been an important part of history in the black community.Black hair has made many acheivements over the years from the "perm", invented by Madame CJ Walker, along with the invention of several other hair products for black individuals. The importance of black hair has gone on to expand today, as the embracing of black natural hair has spread widely across the nation.

DID YOU KNOW: In 1786, the Tignon laws prevented black women from wearing their hair exposed for others to see. It was seen as a "threat" to white women. Black women were forced to cover their hair in 'tignons' or headwraps. They instead turned their required attire into fashion, adding colorful ribbons, beads, and other fashion statements. The law was lifted in the early 1800s.
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Whether your fro is big or small...

Curls look beautiful all the way around


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How Do I Maintain My Natural Hair?

Key aspects to keeping your hair healthy and mositurized:

Protective Styles

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Are you a lazy naturalista? This method may be the best way for you to retain length and keep your hair healthy. Braids, weave, or wigs- these hairstyles are ideal for everyday wear with minimal maintenance!

Wash and Deep Condition Regularly

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Wash day can surely be a hassle, but dont let that stop you from keeping your tresses clean! Buildup can prevent hair growth, so make sure to wash and deep condition at least once every two weeks to cleanse and stimulate your follicles.

Don't Forget to Trim

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Trimming is an essential part of life for naturals. After tons of detangling, single-strand knots can form on ends of hair, causing breakage. Make sure to trim your hair once or twice a year to avoid those annoying knots and split ends. Happy trimming!

You are What You Eat!

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Diet is a KEY part in keeping hair healthy. Your hair will not agree with you if you constantly feed your body junk. Healthy and balanced meals along with drinking lots of water daily= hair happy. Your skin will also thank you!