What is eSports at Keuka College?

Keuka College eSports is considered a DIII competitor, but we actually compete with some of the top schools in the country. Our game of choice is currently league of legends, but is bound to change within the future.

We are the only DIII college to have an eSports team, which is what makes Keuka so unique. The eSports team practices just like a regular team, which includes organized scrimages. The Coach for the program is Jon Accardi. Jon is known for keeping the team motivated, while also giving us some nutrition tips to keep us strong and healthy.

Video recieved from League of Legends on Youtube.com

Recent News

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Fortnite Hits the eSports room.

Season 4 has arrived. Be prepared for impact!

New games on the Oculus!

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What's Included within the eSports room?

Dx Racing gaming chairs


We provide a comfy yet focused atmosphere by providing our players with top of the line equipment.

Alienware Desktops

(VR Ready)

Top of the line desktops are provided so our players can enjoy a high quality gaming experience.

Corsair Peripherals


A Corsair headset is provided so noise is no longer a problem in game.

Xbox One Console

We provide an Xbox for players who prefer console gaming over PC.

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