Ho Chi Minh city

Photo credit: Viet Nam group tour

Ho Chi Minh City (aka. Saigon) is the greatest economic city in the South and Vietnam. The city is characterized by the denseness of a modern place with sky crabbers, but also by a peaceful scenery of nature. Located next to Saigon river, Ho Chi Minh city is truly an economic spot that attracts people with all kinds of businesses or jobs to concentrate and trade. Come to Saigon, you will have a chance to experience the hospitality of people here. Fine food, Amazing entertainments and beautiful cultural customs of a wonderful land are waiting for you. Note: Please do not forget to bring your wallet along because the city has tones of shopping areas!

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Ha Noi city

Photo credit: Dan Tri Newspaper

Hanoi is the capital of this dragon-shaped nation. Its combination between ancient and modern is always an exciting experience for the tourists. Hanoi is also known as the Old Quarter, which means a place for old memories. That name refers to 36 streets that make up the urban area of the whole city. Coming here is a wonderful chance to try what are the most traditional customs of Vietnam. The food, monuments and, people here are awesome. It is such a worth-to-travel place at least once!

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